From the inspiration and all the creative process to the designs, technical sheets, selection of the fabrics, trimmings, patterns, prototypes and supervision/of all the final designs. 

All the colors and the fabrics are related to the theme and inspiration: the comfort woman. These Korean woman were tortured, raped and killed for the Japanese during the Second World War and it's one of the lesser unknown painful events that has ever been done.

Still waiting on an apology and an acknowledgement.

The designs are very minimalistic. The small details have a great protagonism. There's quite a presence of laces that are the same ones of the traditional costume.  The neck which is found in all the looks also belongs to the costume. 

They're simple lines but fresh and new.

There's a wide variety of fabrics: flannel, denim, organza, satin, etc. Elegant fabrics mixed with others that make it more actual and modern, but also with a touch of traditional costume fabrics. 

The set of all gives the feeling of lightness and fluidity related to their purity and femininity.